Top 10 Hockey Movies – Comedy

As the new season approaches, we honour great hockey moments in cinema. 

10. Canadian Bacon

No one captured the plight of the fans better than Michael Moore (before he became *the* Michael Moore). Chock full of stereotypes from both sides of the border, the ‘hockey game’ scene gets this flick listed.

9. Slap Shot 2: Hit the Ice

Yes, straight to home video, but it still earns some points as an excuse to bring the Hanson brothers back on the screen. I’m not really sure where this ranks on Stephen Baldwin’s filmography, but at least he can throw a check.

8. Sudden Death

A fucking helicopter crashes through the arena right after JCVD makes the clutch save in an NHL game. C’mon!

7. Love Guru

Although the movie sucked, it was at least nice to see a change in genre for fart jokes. This featurette gives the movie some hockey cred.

6. Youngblood

Any movie that chronicles the trials and tribulations of trying to MAKE IT in minor league hockey in Hamilton deserves to be on this list. Note: Keanu Reeves first appearance as ‘the Goalie’.

5. Bon Cop, Bad Cop

Serial killer hunting hockey icons, and only Colm Feore can stop them. Best movie nobody saw.

4. Mystery, Alaska

What it lacks in Canadiana, it makes up for with a great feel-good story, great on-ice action, and a dynamic cast.

3. Clerks

Closing the store, donning a CCCP jersey to head to the roof to play ball hockey = a classic scene that makes me laugh every time. Kevin Smith truly reveres the game, and it shows.

2. Strange Brew

While the McKenzie brothers aren’t Canada’s flashiest icons, they are among our most beloved. When you choose to end your movie with a climactic fight scene against arena-organ-mind-controlled mental patients, you can wave that Canadian flag high.

1. Slap Shot

Michael Ontkean’s memorable finale cements this at the top of the list. Add a great heartfelt story and a cast ably led by Paul Newman, throw in the most fearsome fictitious forward line in the history of the game, and you get our top hockey movie.

Honourable Mentions

Considered was Norm MacDonald‘s short-lived Norm show for a feeble attempt at the Sam Malone character… but a hockey player. And it’s Norm MacDonald. Also considered noteworthy was Jon Favreau’s Swingers, just for making Gretzky’s head bleed. Running Man almost made it—Arnold vs. Professor Toru Tanaka as Subzero. Classic, but clearly they weren’t familiar with the rules of the game.

The Rocket, Miracle, and the 72 Summit Series were ruled out in favour of all fictitious teams. The Mighty Ducks franchise was ruled out because it sucks impossibly hard. Bad, Emilio, Bad. Of course, it goes without saying that the worst travesty of hockey on film, Batman & Robin, did not make the list.  Skates in the boots. Ugh.

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