Critics with Taste

We watch them so you don’t have to

In today’s day and age everyone is forcefully spoon-fed by the media and advertising executives to be told what to watch, what to experience and what to enjoy.
Facing an onslaught of advertising campaigns, an endless number of professional critics, and the infinite number of opinions the internet has brought along with it, how can anyone be sure of what really is worth watching?
There’s no way you’re getting your money, or your time back.


If the movie was good enough, we couldn’t make fun of it.

Good, honest, reviews. And brevity. And if we do have a bias, it shall be clearly stated (or readily obvious).

Nice and simple, right? Well, of course it is. As long as the movie is above reproach.

There really is nothing quite like tearing into the latest big-budget blockbuster schlock that gets thrown on the screen for the 16-24 market can stand in line for at just the right times. Conversely, there’s also no other experience like a GREAT movie experience. We’ll let you know the difference between the two before you hand over your cash.