History of Comics

A Brief History of Comics

Overview: Golden age (pre-1950s), Silver Age (50s-70s), Bronze Age (70s to 80s), Dark Age (late 80s early 90s). That leads us to the Modern Age, which will probably get its own new term soon enough. We may have a new renaissance… the Digital Age.


Part One: Golden Age and Silver Age

The Story begins with the Golden Age, as in pre-1950s. The Great Depression and WWII helped define the super-hero archetype, as well as escapist media for such troubled times. Things changed in the 50s with the atomic age, and lead to The Silver Age, arguably the greatest era in comic book history.

Part Two: Bronze Age and Dark Age

In the Bronze Age, comics got real with darker story lines, shady elements—clearly not just for kids anymore. The Dark Age (aka Iron Age, or to some the Adamantium age) brought the best and the worst that comics had to offer, polarizing the industry.

Contact with the Gods: Comic Talent and Resources on Twitter

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Part Three: Modern Age and Digital Age