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29 June 2008

Luke’s Blog

Here is the simplified version.  Welcome to my blog.
My name is Luke Schmid and I am a fan of popular culture, specifically movies.
I love movies.  I love to watch them at the theatre.  I go to the movies on average once a week.  I love to buy movies.  I own over seven hundred movies on various formats.  [...]

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13 January 2008

Punisher: War Zone

It was inevitable that there would be a sequel to The Punisher. I’ve accepted the fact that series don’t get quashed simply because I hate the first installment. The Punisher had so much potential and in my opinion it failed to deliver on all fronts. Punisher Re-Write/Treatment
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22 September 2007

Simpsons Cast Wallpaper

Forgot I had downloaded this, but it goes well with that great Simpsons poster with all the cast. Property of Fox, yadda yadda. Download it and others from Simpsonsmovie.com
Intended for 1024×768, visit the website for other sizes

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20 September 2007

Twin Peaks Complete

I had a request to resurrect my old Twin Peaks site, so here it is.
Keep in mind it is old, and hearkens back to a time when the interweb was a simpler place.

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27 June 2007

My Twin Sons

Future Flimgeeks

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