29 June 2008

Luke’s Blog

Here is the simplified version.  Welcome to my blog.
My name is Luke Schmid and I am a fan of popular culture, specifically movies.

I love movies.  I love to watch them at the theatre.  I go to the movies on average once a week.  I love to buy movies.  I own over seven hundred movies on various formats.  I love screenplays.  I read them and I am attempting to write my own.  In short, my brain is full of movie related facts and images.

Movies are first and foremost but I also cycle through many other forms of pop culture media.  I play video games, I read books, I watch tv, I follow sports, and I listen to music.  Basically, whatever catches my attention.

My blog will have reviews of what I’m currently enjoying or not enjoying, what I’ve got my eye on, as well as some random thoughts.

I invite anyone to read along.  Some of my thoughts and theories are interesting and others definitely are not.   Stay as long as you like.

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