Terminator: Legacy


Johns, Jacks and Jumpers.

I really don’t know what kind of disclaimer is appropriate here.

This short story is a work of fiction. It is an unofficial, unlicensed, unwarranted delving into the Terminator ‘verse. I do not work for, or am in any kind of contact with, whomever holds the rights this week. I did not create the Terminators (Skynet did) or hold any rights whatsoever to any of the original works in any way, in any universe, in any timeline. Just this particular take on the story. Phew.

Presented here is a thought experiment about a future iteration of the franchise. I was reading an awful lot of Dune, and thought about the generations AFTER Judgement Day. While I would never presume to compare myself to an idol of mine, this is most definitely an attempt to emulate the dry, political intrigue and forward thinking of Frank Herbert; his inspiration twisting a modern franchise. It’s an early draft of a story I have no other use for other than mild diversion — you know, for funsies. I’m also checking out how embedded docs work on the site, so let me know what you think.


Long after humanity’s triumph over the machines, three groups of survivors inhabit the post-apocalyptic wasteland: The Johns (Connor‘s rigid disciples clinging to old civilization), The Jumpers (time travelling sages estranged from their own humanity), and The Jacks (the nomadic pillagers with no aversion to tech, or morals to get in their way). The last in a long line of heroes, Reese, has set out to try and unite humanity. The machines have a different plan.

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