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Things to Watch After Lost

Lost withdrawal is hitting millions, causing them to drag their tear-stained Dharma jumpsuits into their own private hatches of misery. Here are some other TV shows & movies to occupy the Island-deprived minds. Namaste!

TV Shows

Twin Peaks

A favourite of Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof (and myself) its influence is prevalent on The Island. David Lynch’s classic cult television show was TV far too brilliant for TV way before its time, and it changed the medium forever. 20years later fans are still discussing and theorizing the mysteries of the show and the dogma behind it. It is always a good time to start watching one of the greatest and most influential genre TV shows of all time.
SideNote: The Season 1 DVD set is one of the finest TV on DVD boxsets ever created. A wonderful balance of quality and special features.

TPFest – Night One – Welcome to Twin Peaks

The Prisoner (1967)

Like thought-provoking mysteries about your lot in life, and whatever mock civilization is around you? McGoohan is amazing in the 1967 british TV show that made you question things you would never normally think of. It was remade into a television miniseries in 2009, but stick with the original masterpiece.


A similar theme of supernatural Good Vs Evil (and all the shades of grey in between) and the conflict of Free Will Vs Destiny. Starring the inimitable Clancy Brown (Kelvin Inman on Lost) as the magnificent villain Brother Justin Crowe. Yes, he was the star. Everyone else, including the ‘main’ characters, are in fact backdrop to the most badass priest. Ever.

Battlestar Galactica

Yup. BSG.
It’s all too rare lately for a show to ‘go out on top’ of ratings & acclaim, as well as actually have a pre-planned finale (and not be simply dropped in between seasons after a huge cliffhanger. See #TSCC & #Dollhouse). Humanism at its mind-blowing best that just happens to be on a fleet of starships escaping robots, this is genre fiction at its frakking finest.
It also happened to have a finale that was hotly debated, and to use a term that’s been popping up a lot lately, Polarizing.

#BSG: WTF Happened to Starbuck?


It’s hard to talk about BSG without mentioning Caprica. The Battlestar spin-off is a great show in its own right thanks in part to the fantastic writing of Jane Espenson. It’s also the only show on this list that’s actually still on the air.

Caprica for beginners


A Perfect Getaway

The Island itself was arguably the central character, and David Twohy’s tight little thriller features the breath-taking, idyllic Island scenery you’re familiar with in all its splendour & glory… with guaranteed less Smoke Monsters.

A Perfect Getaway, Indeed.

The Beach

Alex Garland book directed by Danny Boyle is a brilliant film, despite its bad marketing at the time & lackluster soundtrack. Life in a thatched hut Eden and all the foibles that come with it are portrayed brilliantly, the only major complaint is ‘More Robert Carlyle, Please.’

The Beach inspired:

Well Adapted – Griping About Adaptations

I didn’t cover any of the new shows, how are you planning on spending the upcoming almost-vacant-of-serial-drama TV schedule?

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