12 reasons to watch #Caprica

As usual, intelligent TV is in danger of losing another smart, intriguing serial drama. Here are 12 reasons to help get the ratings up (one for each colony of course).

12 – Caprica Itself: Rich, expansive universe with endless possibilities, from the colonies themselves to the Virtual Reality World.

11 – Cylons: We all know how it ‘ends’ & the lead up to that simply has to be awesome.

10 – Real Drama: Best serial drama on TV, that just happens to be sci-fi.

9 – Battlestar Pedigree: Much of the talented crew from the best sci-fi show this generation.

8 – Excuses To Rewatch: The hiatus hurts, but it’s easier to rewatch/catch-up than ever ( @Syfy has done a great job with digital content ).

7 – Writing. Jane Espenson weaves lofty, complex storylines together seasmlessly and brings these characters to life.

6 – VR World: The philisophical & ethical ramifications of digital astral projection & technological excess.

5 – Style: Astropunk – Googie at it’s finest as the show drips stylish decadence.

4 – Adversaries: The dynamic between Graystone & Adama ( @Esai_Morales ) is absolute gold.

3 – Apotheosis: Look it up. The fact that this is a central theme is heady bonus points.

2 – Alessandra Torresani ( @BambolaBambina ) Fresh, original, & simply drop-dead gorgeous.

1 – Bottom Line: This show simply deserves renewal. High quality, thought-provoking SmartTV that has literally just begun to plumb the depths of humanity via science fiction allegory.

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