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Twin Peaks – Throwing Rocks & Dreams

The second epsiode of Twin Peaks, and the single best episode of the entire series. Period.

Episode 1002 — Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer

Written by David Lynch & Mark Frost
Directed by David Lynch
Original airdate: April 19, 1990
Storyline date: February 25th

Synopsis: FBI Agent Dale Cooper demonstrates an unusual deductive technique for the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department; Benjamin Horne and his brother, Jerry, take a trip to One-Eyed Jacks; Donna Hayward and James Hurley pledge their love; Leo Johnson holds Bobby Briggs at gunpoint; Cooper has a strange dream.

Log Lady Intro

“Sometime ideas, like men, jump up and say ‘hello’. They introduce themselves, these ideas, with words. Are they words? These ideas speak so strangely.

“All that we see in this world is based on someone’s ideas. Some ideas are destructive, some are constructive. Some ideas can arrive in the form of a dream. I can say it again: some ideas arrive in the form of a dream.”

Twin Peaks is well known for its array of quir...

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Best. Episode. Ever.

This is the definitive, iconic epsiode of Twin Peaks. This is the point when the show really comes into its own, and finds its own identity — this is where we go from interesting to sublime & unforgettable. If you’re introducing someone to Twin Peaks, always try to fit this episode in as soon as possible — this is the watershed moment  between casual watchers and the soon to be obsessed fanatic.

The Rock Throwing Scene & The Anti-CSI

The definitive antithesis to procedural cop shows that have infected the airways. Mysticism, Instinct, and Intuition as the first major step in solving the crime.

‘Dream’ Deja Vu

The ‘European’ version of the pilot needed a stand-alone ending to market as a movie overseas. Lynch incorporates that into the series as ‘Coop’s Dream’ which is one of the most profound moments in television history. What follows is the original ending to the pilot, consider it the full version of Coop’s Dream. At the beginning of the next episode when Coop explains his dream to Harry & Lucy he describes this version of his dream.
Timing: If you want to insert it into your completionist viewing, pause the recording you’re watching when Cooper lays down in the Great Northern. There are flashes, and it quickly fades to another shot of Coop sleeping. Insert these two clips at that point.

Part One

Part Two

“As in dream, the images [in myth] range from the sublime to the ridiculous. The mind is not permitted to rest with its normal evaluations, but is continually insulted and shocked out of the assurance that now, at last, it has understood. Mythology is defeated when the mind rests solemnly with its favorite or traditional images, defending them as though they themselves were the messages that they communicate. These images are to be regarded as no more than shadows from the unfathomable reach beyond, where the eye goeth not, speech goeth not, nor the mind, nor even piety.  Like the trivialities of dream, those of myth are big with meaning.”

Joseph Campbell, The Hero With a Thousand Faces

Iconic [Dancing] Moments

Leland’s Pennsylvania 6-5000

Audrey’s Dance

Little Man From Another Place Dance

Spoiler Box – Scratching the Surface of “WTF Dream?”

Highlight to reveal, spoilers aplenty.

  • MIKE reciting his poem, and telling the story of him and BOB– introducing themselves to Coop
  • The red room: each message the LMFAP gives to cooper, like the giant’s messages, each have dual meanings
  • “Let’s rock”– It Begins (what exactly? basically everything)
  • Laura puts her finger to her nose– “you know the truth coop” as in charades
  • “That gum you like is going to come back in style”– when they all meet in the roadhouse (ep#2009) it’s a sign to coop that he has completed the ‘circle’ and everyone has arrived
  • “Doesn’t she look…like Laura Palmer“– acknowledging/introducing the idea of dopplegangers… exact, but opposite doubles of people who reside in the Lodges
  • “sometimes my arms bend back”– telling how she was tied the night that she died, and foretelling how she ultimately ended up, in an angel-like state (arms bending back like the wings of a bird)
  • “she’s filled with secrets”– Laura’s life and how complex she was
  • “where we’re from the birds sings a pretty song”– Waldo the mynah bird can give some clues, and perhaps a vague description of the WL (see Windom’s descrip of the WL in ep#2019)
  • “and there’s always music in the air”– description of Jacques Renault’s cabin (the record was skipping), and perhaps another vague reference to the WL.
  • the LMFAP dances– reference to Leland palmer’s compulsive dancing. Deeper meaning suggests the shamanistic dancing of various cultures and it’s ties to mysticism.

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  • M Walker

    That’s a bold statement. There are many great eps (and some not so great) but for me it’s 100 % the season 2 episode where ‘someone’ dances with Maddy in the living room. Wink. That’s where everything that’s special about Twin Peaks, the mystery, the emotions, the horror – it all culminates in one haunting and unforgettable TV triumph.

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