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Using Twitter Correctly and Effectively

There’s no right or wrong way to use Twitter, but the experience you get from it depends greatly on what you put into it. It has arguably become a new medium in and of itself, and as in any pathfinding venture, there are no rules. There is, however, a quasi-established etiquette, and, quite simply, a better way to use it.

Being A Good Follower on Twitter

If Twitter was a party, it would be at one of those trendy clubs with no sign and it would be a packed to the rafters with all kinds of people.


33 of tips to help you write more better. Whether formal righting, or simply speaking your mind on social media, it’s always usually important to to use the write words.

Contact with the Gods – Comics on Twitter

From tips and tricks from the publishers of the comics themselves, to news and announcements on upcoming works, a list of Who’s Who on Twitter.