12 reasons to watch #Caprica

As usual, intelligent TV is in danger of losing another smart, intriguing serial drama. Here are 12 reasons to help get the ratings up (one for each colony of course).

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Things to Watch After Lost

Lost withdrawal is hitting millions, causing them to drag their tear-stained Dharma jumpsuits into their own private hatches of misery. Here are some other TV shows & movies to occupy the Island-deprived minds. Namaste!

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#Lost: The Smoke, The Light & The Fury

‘Across The Sea’ paraphrased: “Here’s your backstory. You can now stop theorizing on the past & focus on the Losties.”

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Lost: Since the beginning of time

“Ab Aeterno”  aka Tales of the Black Freighter: Episode 6.09 “Richardus”

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Youth In Revolt

Watching Cera Be Superbad In “Youth In Revolt,” is Supergood.

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Ronette, Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks – Throwing Rocks & Dreams

The second epsiode of Twin Peaks, and the single best episode of the entire series. Period.

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Sam Raimi Spider-Man Movies: An Obituary

Its the end of an era, folks. Sam Raimi is no longer the man behind the Spider.

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TPFest – Night One – Welcome to Twin Peaks

Entering David Lynch’s idyllic town of Twin Peaks with the pilot and the first episode.

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It Might Get Loud – Antithesis to Guitar Hero Culture

Jimmy Page, Jack White, and the Edge are the stars of It Might Get Loud. They are three completely different legends from three rather different eras, collaborating on something incredible. But the film is not about them. It’s about the instrument and the art itself—the art of guitar playing as explained and performed by the genius war orphan, the brutish young prodigy, and the regal prince of innovation.

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31 Days of Halloween Movie Mayhem

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