An Overview on Custom Micro Lens and Its Applications

Micro lens arrays happen to be the key components for the new set of 3D imaging systems as they tend to exhibit good optical properties.

Some specialized optical properties are as follows:

1) Extremely large field view of angles

2) High temporal resolution

3) Infinite depth field

4) Low aberration and distortion, etc.

A variety of fabrication methods are used for the purpose of manufacturing such a precision component which includes both direct and indirect methods. The usage of indirect methods like 3D moulds and replication technology is used to create the right geometry in the micro lens. Developing the micro lens for different purposes and applications calls in for various production methods and techniques.

The micro lens is used in the following:

  • Digital Projectors given the large field view of angles provided by these lenses and their infinite depth field that adds quality to the digital projections made.
  • Confocal microscopes use the micro lens as it provides them with the required high temporal resolution, working on the principals of how lenses work in general; these provide the viewer with good imaging.
  • Illumination systems make use of such lenses to create depth fields and avoid distortions of different types.
  • Light-field cameras and systems
  • Medical laser systems and Aesthetic lasers
  • Optical sensors and White light interferometers
  • Display and HUD imaging systems

These lenses have such applications among other things. It is important to note that the dimensional structure and arrays of such lenses can be customized as per requirements. For this, it is essential that one knows the type of micro lens that they potentially require.

Also if you are looking forward to having custom stamps then:

They are designed and then manufactured using only the best quality of micro lens arrays available in the market. A variety of concave as well as convex lenses can be found which can then be used for the purpose of creating a polymer micro lens. This can be done using methods like hot embossing, injection molding or even UV replication.

The micro lens has been useful in various fields of optics be it photography or research. If you are a business that deals with such equipment that requires just the right micro lens for giving the best output, then you must research the topic a bit for better understanding. Hope this helps.

Post Author: Esther Abel