Selecting IAM Suite For Your Company: Factors That Matter!

Compliance & data security are aspects that businesses cannot afford to ignore. While external threats are usually not in control, insider threats can be minimized considerably with an Identity & Access Management suite. IAM systems enable companies to have a fair and transparent approach to data and resource access, where access rights can be approved, modified, managed and deleted as per requirements. Businesses, at any given point, have to be aware and sure if the right people are accessing the right information at the right time. Identity & Access Management tools can be accessed as a service via the cloud, or can be deployed in-house. In this post, we are discussing all that clients need to know before selecting a suite.

What’s better – on-premise or cloud IAM?

There is no right answer to this. Some companies still prefer to have on-premise Identity & Access Management suites, which enable them better control and is the best solution when their resources and processes are not that cloud-intensive. On the other hand, cloud solutions are great for cost savings and is almost a necessity for companies that operative in a hybrid IT environment. The new-age IAM solutions are extremely comprehensive and can be used in both ways, but the idea is to simplify management of user access.

What kind of support will the vendor offer?

Deployment of Identity & Access Management suites requires time, and it is necessary to check the range of support that a vendor can offer. For instance, a vendor should be able to explain why their IAM solution is better than others, or how their product will be able to bring scalability to your business.

What features can you expect?

The best IAM suites do offer a bunch of features, but most importantly, these are easy to manage and should offer a clear picture of user access and management. Also, some of the services and responses of the system need to be automated. For instance, when employees leave the company, their access to all company data and apps must be revoked with immediate effect. Or, when there is any suspicious activity from an account, the system should block the account before any manual action is taken.

The popularity and scope of an Identity & Access Management suite must be considered, and while price may seem like the top factor, it pales out when you find a product that boasts of credible features.

Post Author: Esther Abel