Beginning Of Line.


Put on your holobands, we’re returning to Caprica.

As I mentioned in A Farewell To Caprica “Perhaps the next season of Caprica is in the safest, best place for it: In my head, and the minds of the fans themselves.” Announcing a new project from those who revere the series the most, the rampant frakking fanbase. So say we all.

I’m contributing a series of five stories to the project, all set in the fantastically rich & vibrant setting of the virtual world. The first of which entitled, “Assassin Nation” is the story of a hard-boiled private detective hired to hunt the Deadwalker in New Cap City.  Travel to New Cap City Soon….

Welcome To New Cap City

The project is being masterminded by @teresajusino and will surely be as compelling and thought-provoking as the series we prematurely said goodye to.

From The Teresa Jusino Experience:

Beginning of Line will launch Tuesday, January 11th, and will begin with “Caprica: Season 2.” Season Two will include 18 brand new stories for you to enjoy, written by Caprica fans from all over the world! Each story will be accompanied by a piece of Caprica-inspired artwork also created by a fan, and will be posted weekly the way episodes would have aired had the show been allowed to continue. There will be as many iterations of the Caprica universe as there are contributors, and you will be free to discuss the merits and drawbacks of each in our forums. You’re also invited to submit Caprica-inspired fiction and artwork yourself!

Caprica and Battlestar fans are used to hearing the phrase “end of line,” the computer command that punctuated the Cylon Hybrid’s cryptic messages as well as titled the brilliant mid-season finale of Caprica. I believe that, despite Caprica‘s cancellation, we’ve only started to discover what’s possible with these characters and with this world. Welcome to Beginning of Line!

Beginning of Line launches January 11th, on a humble Weebly site. Bookmark and check back on Tuesday at the only place where you can find new, regularly updated stories set in the world of Caprica! And if you’re a writer or visual artist interested in hearing more about submitting work, email [email protected]!

The future of humanity begins with a choice. The future of Caprica begins with you.

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