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National Novel Writing Month


Insert mandatory hard-earned gloating and self-praise here.



The first draft clocks in at 50, 211 words, 30 chapters, and some insidious back pain from Bad Typing Posture. Once I actually get some feedback and proofing from some close, trusted (read as: open-minded and optimisitic) friends and colleagues, I’ll probably be posting it here.

I will update with more details when I have them, for now I will savor this small purple banner.


Excerpt: DreamHacking


Dreams are real.
That is to say they are as real as anything else labeled true, factual, or consequential. If something happens in a dream, it is neither symbolic nor representative but in fact, it actually happens.

Hacking is real.
That is to say the search for truth by exploring the darkest realms of technology is an act carried out by committed groups of like-minded individuals. They are usually misunderstood, decried for being upstart trouble-makers intent on destroying civilization.

Dreamhacking was not real until our courageous heroes discovered it, entirely on purpose, in no way an accident, and with no insidious ulterior motives and solely for the benefit of the advancement of mankind.

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